Old haystacks are gone

August, a farmer prepares the winter hay for dairy cattle.
Good old haystacks are gone.


Come make me smile

P 40

The one who laughs last, laughs best, I guess the horse say..

Because it don’t have to pull the plow, such a sweaty job
but instead have cozy time with the young daughter on the farm.

Cee and her Odd Ball Challenge is responsible too for the inspiring smile.

P 39

Sassy piglets on holiday

M 30

We should never be surprised when we are visiting the countryside.
Those little energy bombs seems like they are in high spirits.
Don’t know but the caravan in the background indicates that they are on holiday
but it’s probably outdoor pigs and they are very curious.

Cee and her Odd Ball Challenge make me get the inspiration.

Old fashion lovestory

B 55

An old fashioned countryside love machine.

They were used to turn the hay, before it was put in stacks to dry complete
those stacks was the favorite meeting place for countryside youth
many love stories started in a haystack in the good old days.

These stories are for good reasons not known in cities
but these hay tedders isn’t used much more
thus a part of the romance and love stories in the countryside disappeared.

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her absolutly worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack.?
this is my 2nd version of the travel theme this week “Meeting places“.

Country style

94 007

My mother’s old great aunt lived there when I was a kid
she baked some wonderful cookies. but at that time the building was whitewashed.

Daily prompt “Going obsolete
of all the technologies that have gone extinct in your lifetime
which one do you miss the most..?

Maybe maintenance of smallholdings in the countryside in the old-fashioned style..?

94 008