Weekly Photo Challenge (movement)

The word “movement” is a very versatile word

the mechanism behind the facade of your clock or watch makes time go

the coordinated mechanism behind the facade of community in groups
the issue either politically, religious, socially, economically, art-(cultur) etc.

the mechanism behind the facade of music, which builds it up to sounds great or not.

and so there are MOVEment


Movement from the good old days.

Photo shot in 1962 by my fathers mother (my gradmother) a saturday around noon – why is the day of the week so wellknown, it’s easy to tell – every saturday morning at 10 – my father’s father (grandfather) biked to the little grocery store in the nearby village – to purchase groceries, tobacco, etc – it was a tradition – he met 8-10 of the local men from the area, they met in the back room of the small grocery business – where they each got a cigar and then discussed the world situation, that was a tradition too.

Their shopping lists, they had given to the shopkeeper – who so packed the goods, at that time self-service has not been invented and the goods were delivered by the grocer’s young messenger boy – some of the men in the back room, their goods were delivered at home – before they even got home themselves – but so did their wives knew that the men’s purchases were in process – after an hour of talk time, so they all went each to their own – it was time for lunch.

Payment cards were not invented back then – and it was considered blistered to walk around with cash in your pocket – so then each had a book at the grocery store, where their buying through the month were written in – then the last saturday of every month – then was settled with the shopkeeper – that saturday, the men have a glass aquavit each, while they smoked their cigars – it was a traditon too. 

and it was only one glass aquavit never more than that.


My grandparents lived far from the beaten track – there was a very long blind gravel road that led out to their home – their nearest neighbor was 1500 meters away, they lived where the gravel road started (the photo shows the neighbor’s home far behind my grandfather)  when my grandfather drove away on the bike on saturdays, then their dog “Lady” was sitting at the corner of their house – so it could watch down to the neighbor’s house. 

So when my grandfather returned home maybe 1½ hour later, the dog started to bark – when he passed the neighbor’s house – so he whistled and the dog ran to meet him and then followed with him the last piece of the gravel road – my grandmother tried often to call the dog into the house – but it would wait for his grandfather came home.