Seven prompt

Right place at the right time, or you could be fried.

Daily prompt “Fry“.

Come, make me smile.

Daily prompt “Chuckle“.

English country pub, but have to know it, can’t see it from the outside.

Daily prompt “Opaque“.

Sometimes the Irish Sea Is in a real bad mood, every one know when.

Daily prompt “Jolt“.

2nd floor worth climbing, really makes a different view of the city.

Daily prompt “Climbing“.

Traffic jam can be cranky, if you have to hurry.

Daily prompt “Cranky“.

Wonder if it can be measured that the tone becomes more shrill as the colder it is.?

Daily prompt “Measure“.

Weird angle of prompts

Attempting to unravel the cause of life.?

Daily prompt “Unravel“.

Simplicity can cause blindly mind.?

Daily prompt “Blindly“.

Tenacious of old habits and survival urge, the cattle keep together.

Daily prompt “Tenacious“.

Denial of fundamental laws of nature.?

Daily prompt “Denial“.

Why is champagne a champion drink.?

Daily prompt “Champion“.

Free and strong enough

The Winged Victory of Samothrace, also called the Nike of Samothrace
It is a marble hellenistic sculpture of Nike (the greek goddess of victory).
This masterpiece was created about 22 centuries ago.
For many many years it has had a prominently displayed at the Louvre.
Probably one of the most celebrated sculptures in the world.
Described as “the greatest masterpiece of hellenistic sculptures.
One of a small number of major hellenistic statues,
which survived in the original, rather than roman copies.

Daily prompt “Heal“.

In the heart of Paris, perhaps as a symbol of our freedom to life.
Bombs and terrorizing creates grief and wounds.
These wounds heal as remembrance “tattoos” on our body of community.
Signs that they can’t beat our freedom to death.
Whether it’s Indonesia, Kenya, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm or elsewhere.

Liberté, égalité, fraternité, ou la mort.

Prompt, seven in a row

A shoreline at the beach could be the cusp for many thing.

Daily prompt “Cusp“.

The prudent way of handle the sea, gives a longer life.

Daily prompt “Prudent“.

A city bench, for some a break in a busy day.
For others, the homeless, their bedroom and only private life.

Daily prompt “Pause“.

Many places in the world not document enough for our identity.

Daily prompt “Passport“.

Most of us have to seek for our fortune.

Daily prompt “Fortune“.

Holidays and beaches, very little gives more feeling of ownership.

Daily prompt “Territory“.

Sometimes we have to accept, even we don’t understand.

Daily prompt “Meaningless“.