Modern countryside romance

09 002


Nowadays there are thousands of different dating services, all specialized
for the highly educated, the beautiful, the rich, the poor or for sexual minorities
for red-haired, for farmers, for lawyers, for celebrities or for the shy ones
and all quite economically profitable for the owners – nothing bad said about them.
One of the largest dating agencies in the so-called good old days – it was farming
every farm had plenty of workers and on the big farms even more – under same roof
so there were countless numbers of young men and young women
it created a breeding ground for thousands of close relationships between them.
The harvest festivals were very funny and eagerly anticipated events.
Nowadays there is almost no employees on farms
even very large farms can easily be controlled by 3-4 employees
in exchange then harvest festivals become really so much more drab
who wants to dance with a harvester or kissing with a tractor.

Young romance and dating

My first date, a dark’haired babe named Marianne

all the girls were crazy at me, at that time

a lot of sweet girls were knocking at the door

asking me for dating them

but dad and specially mum

mostly said no

this one was allowed by mum

because it was her best friend

she was from Aalborg

she was only 18, but sweet

I was almost a quarter-year old

and I was crazy about her

she made me smile and laugh

both her mother and father were dentists

but it didn’t scare me

I hadn’t any teeth yet

it ain’t easy to date a girl nearly 18

it isn’t allowed to go dancing in the night

they were talking about ‘not old enough’

but she was nearly 18

so what’s the problem

so mostly we visit the baker Poulsen’s shop

but the age between us did grow above our heads

and she found a man on her own age