Any who know the way..?


Community – share what..?

Groupings speak very often about community – it does gangs too
some find that they weren’t members of a community, but of a herd or flock
what is crucial is if it’s the manager’s or community’s interests which is the main target.

If we choose a community based on the fear of being alone
then we risk find ourselves in a crowd alone, where fear is the only common
and the community is solely on management conditions
real democracy in communities are often illusory
and a part of strategic scripts where our voices drown in democratic platitudes.

What good is it to get a ballot paper where the opportunities are planned beforehanded.

Strength lies in differences, not in similarities
(Stephen R. Covey – american author)

We live in a community of people
not so that we can suppress and dominate eachother
or make each other miserable
but so that we can better and more reliably satisfy all life’s healthy needs
(Wilhelm Reich – jewish austrian-american psychiatrist and psychoanalyst)

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Community