Eight hundred year old icon

Nearly the northernmost part of the danish part of the Wadden Sea,
“one and a half stone throw” from the coast lies the ancient city of Ribe.
Of many called Denmark’s most beautiful market town (see below).
Atmosphere gathered from centuries fills this historic city.

Midway between the Wadden Sea and the city could this statue be seen.
Imagining Queen Dagmar performed by sculptor Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen.
Her history is forever linked (along with the cathedral) to the history of the city.

As usual inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Walk through the city streets, once housing the rich and poor.
Now architectural history, which is not poor at all.

In Denmark, the word market town (danish: købstad) has existed since the Iron Age.
It isn’t known which was the first danish market town, Ribe were among the first.
The last town to gain market rights (danish: købstadsprivilegier) was in 1958.
At the municipal reform of 1970, market towns were merged with neighboring parishes,
then the market towns lost their special status and privileges
– the word isn’t used much anymore, only historic.



Notice that spring is just around the corner, latest snow (a little bit) 5 days ago.

Lazy living mood

Waiting in the danish village Hou, waiting for the ferry for the tiny island Samsø.
The village is small but is the mainland connection for two small islands.

Lazy mood seen from a larger perspective, but still alive.

All inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Wood felling may occur comic from time to time.
But here is the preparation in order and well thought out.