Flowering habits

Kaysersberg 02

We humans are people full of habits, most of all when we think we don’t have any
often we chase what we haven’t because we don’t have it
and don’t appreciate what we have because we have it.

We often take things for granted in our everyday lives
including myself, even though I hate it when it dawns on me.

How many notes on a daily basis how important flowers
they are in the decoration of the streets of the alsatian cities and villages.
The tourists they do, but perhaps those who see it daily sometimes forget it.
I myself living here about half of the year, ashamed to admit often I forgets it too.

We habit people often do not appreciate until we realize that we have lost it.
Maybe this is just how it works about our human relationships too..?

Kaysersberg 01

Kaysersberg 03

CBBH Photo Challenge this july month theme “Flowers
with inspiration from Marianne’s worth visiting blog “East of Málaga
as a extra part of this challenge includes to introduce two links
two bloggers of the large numbers of worth visiting WP’blogs.

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Today’s Menu”

Every day life
for many of us
far more, than you might think
when people say “we eat out today”
yes so isn’t meant dining on the terrace.

“In a growing number of places in the world
where it’s every day life to eat out in town
or also to get food brought
or Take Away Food
where “away” is at home. 

It’s a bit of a paradox that at the very same places
is it a quite large attraction, even in very explosive numbers
to install the so-called “conversation kitchens”

but then it also interferes with cooking in between all the talk.