Unstructured strategy

Autumn’s arrival isn’t like pushing a button,
each part of the forest has its own strategy.
The change isn’t controlled by schedules or calendars.

Red fall colors

Autumn colors are countless, the most colorful time of the year.
Many colors fade but red dazzles us in the positively comfortable way.
In a way it can be said that red autumn are extremely tasteful.

Let it blossom, let it flow


The notion that autumn is the last step just before the end is wrong.
The colors blooming marvelous and no reason to sing “Safe the last dance for me”.
Spring is the extension of autumn, with winter being the cooking time.
So as Eric Clapton sings “Let it grow”

Standing at the crossroads, trying to read the signs
To tell me which way I should go to find the answer,
And all the time I know,
Plant your love and let it grow

Let it grow, let it grow,
Let it blossom, let it flow
In the sun, the rain, the snow,
Love is lovely, let it grow.

*written by Eric Clapton*