Art and air

Faroe Islands is a small country full of myths from the old norse mythology.
In the lake of Sørvágsvatn/Leitisvatn there is a statue of the Nix formed as a horse.
A nix is a water creature which is able to transform into many shapes.
Most often to deceit humans to take them with him back in the water.
The only thing that will help you if caught by a nix is to call his name.
The local sculptor and artist Pól Skarðenni built the statue.
Relatered to the numbers of visitors probably one of the relative most photographed.

The sculpture looks best in twilight where it is illuminated in changing colors.

The sculpture is located on the island of Vagar,
where the islands’ only international airport is also located.
Tuesday morning it was time for departure from there, if we had waited until next day,
then the airport had been closed due to bad weather.
It is said that it is a difficult place to land, without arrivals no departures.
Even the danish queen who was going on an official visit wednesday,
had to postpone arrival until yesterday thursday.

Using airports nowadays take more time before getting in the air.

Always more attracted by the coffee shop, than the tax free shop.