Travel Theme Couple

A picture from an old family party for almost 30 years ago
the difference between that kind of pictures then and now is clear
at that time was shooting at a party, anything obligation
something that just had to be overcome.

Nowadays one are about to be overthrown by people
who insists on being photographed
when they act in front of the camera.
(said with a twinkle in the eye and positive irony)

The couple at this picture was actually very feisty
both in everyday life and at parties
completely through some wonderful people.

But it is clear that the party photography here was just pure duty.


With excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog
just look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of the theme “Couple

Another letter “G” word

The A-Z letter story challenge an idea announced by “frizztext
an amazing idea, which now have reached the letter “G”
Yeah for sure really men would think g-string at first
maybe at 2nd and at 3th too
but no there’s 3 reasons why Le Drake Noir wouldn’t do that

G-string must be invented by a lazy man with no imagination.
Wouldn’t dare share photos uh means of course haven’t any photos.
Have already written about it previously – well well, I know in danish.
“Le Drake Noir” wrote: “The story about the G-string” (danish)

The A-Z letter “G” story challenge.

Greetings starts with the letter ‘G’.

There’s many kinds of greetings – the real kiss, bowing, cheek kissing, eskimo kissing, fist pound (in which two individuals touch fists), high-five, pressing noses, handshake, hand-kissing, hat raising or tipping, hug, roman salute (which has become associated with fascist and other right-wing), waving (the gesture of moving one’s hand back and forth)

and don’t forget the famours f***finger, which is a kind of greeting too.

Perhaps many of our world’s troubles actully blown up because 
too big numbers of threats and too little numbers of greetings. 


A greeting card anno 1915.

My mother’s mother (13 years old and in dark dress) with her ​​parents, her older brother and younger sister, photographed outside their home with 2 younger summer children from Copenhagen – children who needed to get away from daily life in the big city’s poorest part of the population – not to say the host family were rich, not at all 

but rich in so many other ways.

The summer children at first was dressed up
to be the most well-dressed throughout the village
and there came a photographer to take 3 identical photos
one for the family and one for the summer children each
to bring home to their family in Copenhagen
most often it was the family’s first photo, they got there.

It wasn’t so normal at that time
with that kind of greetings card.



The old ugly tree

Life doesn’t go unnoticed – if it’s lived correctly

The old ugly tree has seen much over time – summer drought, autumn storm, winter frost and the unpredictable spring – survived countless attacks from insects, from sheep, from birds, from cattle, from humans – it creaks loudly as soon as the wind whistles around it – the energy off the ground encounter many obstacles in the battered old ugly tree
before it has come up to the foliage and all the fresh – but year after year, so it let the past behind and start on a fresh – when it is confident that now is the season started

no false starts like a lot of other plants and trees – itsn’t impatient as those who can’t wait  but looks if the weather “stay tune”.

Nature (and therefore humans too) often feel threatened by disabilities – especially other people’s handicaps – and in many contexts is age considered as a handicap

 both missing age and too much age

but isn’t life goes right from the start to the very end..?

Weekly Photo Challenge (hands)

Weekly Photo Challenge

theme: hand(s)

An adage that is “world famous” in Denmark is
“If you give the devil a little finger, so he takes the whole hand”
(perhaps also known in other countries)

The beautiful yellow dandelion is called in danish
“Fandens Mælkebøtte” (Devil’s Dandelion)

there’s no doubt that danish dandelions know this proverb

About not to know own limitations
it’s not a weakness, as the dandelion has alone
it is also known in many other contexts.

So it’s almost a human characteristic of dandelion.

The grown up ugly duckling

This one, he became a swan

probably after being an ugly duckling among hens in his younger days

Beautiful clear white – he goes strutting around in the green grass with the yellow sea of dandelions – besides the tiny lake with all the reeds – keeps a sharp eye on the cattle, which uses the lake as a drinking trough.

Yes and keeps a watchful eye on everyone else – in the middle of the tiny lake his beloved soulmate sitting on the large nest between the rushes.

He is a passionate guy, if someone or something gets too close.

and defends his loved ones
as a crude fighter

The stories take up most of those who are born or hatched as swans and grow up as ugly ducklings – instead of, as Hans Christian Andersen, to tell the story of the ugly duckling who became a beautiful swan – these stories could be a model for those who sit in a nest and do not know which way to go (or fly).

The swan has been selected as Denmark’s national bird several years ago

it came at the behest of journalist Poul Thomsen from ‘Danmarks Radio’

in his program “Dus med dyrene” (Getting with the animals)

held a public vote among his many viewers.



When the sun rules

Walk in the park or work in the park.

For a man who have been at work since he was 14 – primarily in agriculture and the military and now is in the late 70s – it might be easy just to sit in the armchair and say out loud  “I have done my part”  so let’s relax – but it ain’t easy at all – when det sun shines.

During the danish winter, which often are more cold rainful and gray than cold and white,  it’s easy to sit in this chair while enjoyed a good movie on DVD or read a good book in the lamp’s “shadow” – while the wind howls outside – but – when the sun shines.

Then pulls outdoor life in the old boy -.though “the enemy” now only stubborn blackberry bushes that spread too much – so it bothers all other trees and plants.

Then there’s all the vegetables, which just as well can be grown
since there is enough room for it – in the large vegetable garden.

More work to do.

Not a word about, the rest of the garden

with all the flowers (when the summer comes) and bushes

The property’s landmark is best in headwind.

So outdoor are not outlaw – the sun rules, when it’s shining…!