A different ghost story

Sønderborg Castle by the harbor in the southernmost of the danish peninsula Jutland.

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Down in the basement of the castle there are four grave crypts with several sarcophagis.
There is only access for very few and only in relation to the ducal family.
Used until the middle of the 1800s – can usually only visited once a year.

Up to the opening, so cleaning is to be done for the visit.
The crypt had been locked since the year before.
From the late 1960s when the cleaning people came in.
So they saw the sarcophagis had moved several centimeters, happens then every year.

So the stories start that the old duke has returned as a ghost.
The ghost stories won’t die, until many years after so the sarcophagis stops moving
There was just as much wonder over it stops as when it started.

The secret of the sarcophagis was just outside.
At the quay a few meters from the castle’s wall, during this period with small cruise ships.
Cruise over Flensburg Fjord to Germany with cheap food and drink aboard.
The bumps from the ships propagated with shaking and the sarcophagis moved a little.


Only missed the ghost


Castles and manor houses even the smaller ones
they can often animate the imagination of the observers, in many ways
often there is a cozy, delightfully romantic and idyllic atmosphere surrounding them
maybe besides we have a (hidden) expectation of a little creepy blended in all this sweet
many of these castles and manor houses do have a spooky historical back, often far back.

This one was disappointing in terms of thrill, there was only “loud silence” idyll
no white lady who haunted mansion with complaining or accusing sounds
no penitent gray knight, who restless wandered there with his rattling chains.

But all in all it was a nice bike ride that summer day of 2013
idyllic atmosphere never gets boring.

Inspirations from the daily prompt “Frightening

Ghost of Autumn

1 003

Maritime autumn has nothing to do with fallen leaves
in the harbor otherwise the forests soils
so the dark green color becomes dominant in the water.
The remaining mast forest may remind a bit of bare trees in the forest
winter preparation is at least as important as spring cleaning.
Some yachts coming ashore in “hibernation”
but all the biggest must remain in the harbor basin.

1 001

Marinas and small commercial ports,
they can be look like ghost fields in winter
although there can be seen cars around
so the number of people are very small and the activity very low.

1 002