“D” for digging graves

Letter “D” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)

 Vester Sottrup Church in southern Jutland (a part of Denmark),
not far from the border to Germany.
was german territory in the period 1864-1920
most people there are / were 2 languages speakers
a major part of the childhood was spent there
and I passed the church, both on way to school, to soccer or to shop.

to dig graves have nothing to do with churches or death in this context

but a version of the saying: “If you dig a grave for others, you may fall into it yourself” 

To had the right and getting the right
it may be two different things
some are more interested in getting the right than to have it
maybe a matter of honor.

It is also often easier to get things go your way, if you let others get the glory
because many cares more about that, than thing goes as they wish.

So if you have a plan or idea burning inside you
then find someone who are burning inside for getting the glory
then you will succeed in it

otherwise you may dig your own grave.