Green image


Trucks have become much greener than before and it’s good for the environment.
This has gone all the way with the green attitude, it’s green outside too.


Odd green illusion

Green day of june in the french Alps.

Often the color green becomes “sold” as a visionary color.
We say “Now it’s gonna be green” when we think it’s going against better times.
Perhaps only an illusion when there is a standstill so it will also turn green too.
Dead trees turn (moss) green, absolutly not included better times for them.
By the way so many people turn green in their faces, when they become seasick.

Cee and her worth visting Odd Ball Twenty-Seventeen challenge as the inspiring push.

Green encirclement

M 84

When you’re surrounded by people
who share the same set of assumptions as you
you start to think that’s reality
*Emily Levine – american authoress*

Today I was surrounded by the color green, I began to believe I was green myself.
On reflection, I found out a that there were many shades of green stored in the moment.
So I’m still myself, of course in the little bit green way.