Catch by an island

Gozo is the second largest island in the maltese archipelago,
a few kilometers north-northwest from the main island of Malta.
The size of the Gozo is less than 20 kilometers east – west
and less than 10 miles north – south.
The largest city on Gozo about 6,800 inhabitants are named Victoria.
31,000 inhabitants in total in 14 towns, which all under 2000 inhabitants.
These settlements have more of a village-like character,
Compared to the main island of Malta, Gozo is more sparsely populated,
more hilly, more lush and more rural – main agriculture area.
This hub is a combined marina, fishing and ferry terminal named Mgarr.

Don’t know if it is coincidental that these two small containers
which the dock worker have on the sack cart has these two colors.?

These aren’t rolling stones – it is said that moss or grass doesn’t grow on rolling stones.