See people’s eyes is good

Historically, many rulers from the mediterranean area have tried to conquer the island.
Living corsicans are said to never been beaten until they are no longer alive.
The corsican flag has a very characteristic attitude – unforgettable.
According to the legend, it originates from the 13th century
when a young corsican woman named Diana was captured by moorish slavers,
who planned to sell her to the slave market of Granada.
Her fiancé Pablo managed to free her in a battle ensued between corsicans and moors,
during which the moorish leader Mansour Ben Ismaïl was beheaded.
His severed head then became the symbol of Corsica in remembrance of the event.
The eye-catching headband has a weighted signal.
If it sits on the forehead above the eyes – then the corsicans are comfortable
(as much pleased as the good corsicans can be)
If it sits completely in front of the eyes, they are very dissatisfied.
Throughout periods back in history, they have sat covering their eyes.
The last many years while Corsica has been french, eyes have been seen.
Kind of funny apparently not that bad to be french,
but that doesn’t mean that the corsicans aren’t pushing for increased freedom.

(much older flag from the past – captured on a local museum)