Against all odds

Savoie, an ancient fort ruin on the edge of the Alps.
The role of being a bastion has been completed many years ago.
Now it fades away with, reluctantly with a wish to do it with dignity.
The history tries to survive against all odds.


Blows in oblivion

Christopher Columbus sculpture in Calvi.

The corsicans claims Columbus was born in Calvi.
This conviction lies on the oral tradition, still very much alive in Corsica,
which states that Colombus was the son of a fisherman
living in Calvi at the time when Calvi was ruled by the Republic of Genoa.
Therefore Columbus insisted he was born in Genoa.

The advocates of this theory note that Columbus gave his discoveries,
the names of corsican villages like Haiti, inspired from the village of Aïti.

It’s added that Columbus hid his corsican origins from his spanish supporters,     because Calvi inhabitants had massacred a regiment from Aragon in 1421.

Kind of red alert

The knight’s castle outside Mellieha in public called Red Tower,
but the real name of the building is St. Agatha’s Tower.
The tower is one of seven towers built in 1649 by Lascaris.

The castle was supposed to stop attackers from the sea
and was armed with cannons during the reign.
St. Agatha’s Tower has been extensively renovated in recent years
and from the tower there are stunning views of the Mellieha Bay area
– and neighboring islands Gozo and Comino.

Maybe dream of love

From the second largest of the islands, Gozo, in the state of Malta in the Mediterranean.

“The island of Gozo is been associated with Ogygia,
the island home of the nymph Calypso in Homer’s Odyssey.
In that story, Calypso, possessed of great supernatural powers,
and in love with Odysseus, holds him captive for a number of years.
Until finally releasing him to continue his journey home.”

Maybe this idyllic spot was the backdrop of great unhappy love for many years.ago.?