Feel home

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Home can be many things and what makes it be home even more
where the mail man brings your post
where your computer stands
where your heart is
where your husband / wife would like us to live
where you can do what you want without some shout at you
where your friends live around
where your work is right in the neighborhood
where your children’s school is very close to
where your mother in law is far away
and so on – feel free apply more on the list.

Maybe it’s more simple, maybe it is a feeling within ourselves
that pop up and tell us that we’re home.

Feeling home is the keyword, sometimes people feel like strangers in their own home.

Some of us are some weird persons, who sometimes feel home in other peoples home.

Photo 101, 1st day theme “Home


Where the fairy tale started

Samsø 5

The southern tip of the small danish island of Samsoe
where the island’s lighthouse warns seamen
built on the site where in the viking age were a fortress
ruin remains can still be seen in the slopes.
Nowadays the islanders would have as many guests as possible
before in ancient times so people inhabited these small islands to be left alone
so the fortress was like the lighthouse is, a warning to seafarers approaching the island
just on a whole different meaning.

Samsø 4

Self-sufficient energy.

Samsø 3

Idyllic fishing village atmosphere.

Samsø 2

Old local lime burner house.

Samsø 1

It was the island’s intercity bus for about 50 years ago, is still running now as tourist bus.


The dark red building, before it was ship victualling supplies warehouse
now there are toilets, bath and living facilities for sailors.

205 002

The public traffic is up to date.

11 004

Born on this island and lived there for the first 4-5 years
later on then my parents moved back and still lives there.

All photos taken the summer of 2013.

Daily prompt: “Home” (one of them)

Formerly known as home


Flensburg 2

Flensburg Förde, meine historischen einlaß.
Flensburg Fjord, my historic inlet.
Fjord de Flensburg, mon anse historique

Flensburg 1

Our footprints in the sand are swept away over time.
but the impression of good childhood memories will never disappear
the area was for a period the home of the black danish drake – at that time a duckling
as seen so the city and the fjord still stands there
of course, much changed, but the atmosphere and the soul are still there.

Flensburg 6

Flensburg 4

Flensburg 5

Flensburg 3

– with lots of visits also with modern tourism.

Another ‘Le Drake Noir’ post about Flensburg “link

Daily prompt: “Home” (one of them)

Weekly Photo Challenge (home)

 00 09

Home isn’t a place, it’s a feeling
(Cecelia Ahern)

Some claim that their home is their castle
and builds high impenetrable walls around this home
while they feel lonely and unloved at the same time.

Some travel a lot, very much – perhaps in connection with business too
and gain experience with many receptions worldwide
my experience with more than 100 different hotels
is that they are all doing a good job for the guests
really feel at home while they are at the hotel
there have only been a few bad experiences
my experience is that they know that satisfied customers are their way to success
and as a customer the best service you get by talking with the staff and not to staff.

the weekly photo challenge is “Home


Stay home or catch the bus

Some enjoy taking the bus, others enjoy watching it pass.
fortunately, we are all different

A member of the family who lived on a tiny danish island (called Samso), which managed to be 81 years old, was away from the island 3 times throughout his life – for 18 months as a soldier at Kronborg Castle (an old danish castle) just after the World War I – the opening of the first Little Belt Bridge in 1935 between Jutland and Funen – in the mid-1960s, when his second daughter of 4 moved to Odense (the 4 largest danish city) on Funen
– he was happy and let the world come to him.

An other member of the family which managed to be 81 years old, lived 4 month from may to august in Denmark – from november to february she lived 4 month in the southern Italy
and in the 4 month september / october and march / april
then she travelled worldwide
that was the way during more than 40 år
she sought out the world and was happy.

As long as one “hviler i sig selv” (rest in oneself)
a difficult expression to translate from danish into english
the meaning is that one is mind settled, pleased, and without panic.

Then there’s no right and wrong..?