Who’ll stop the rain

M 002

Razor wire at trenches.

The danish multi-artist Robert Storm Petersen (1882-1949) once said:
We could learn a lot from quotes and sayings, but we don’t

We could also learn a lot from wars, but we do nor.
so many places are memories of war as monuments to mankind’s foolishness
in an absurdly way become fascinating but often don’t inspiring in a preventive way.

Five alsatian reminders which this year is one hundred years old, from World War I.

M 003

A kind of connection, or what..?

M 004

Even in a trench from the war there may be a door ajar.

M 001

The vast majority of wars are political or religious, rarely neighbor based disputes
but the ordinary people and the soldiers are hostages in this game.

But even from a trench, sometimes we can see the sunlight.

Conversation promotes understanding.

M 005