Beach crawl

As a elder lady said:
“There are more people today than amphipods, haven’t seen the water yet”.


Literally a transient dream

Four men in a sailboat by the quayside.
One of them up in the mast engaged in arranging sails.
Of course with a pocket camera too.
A cute girl apparently heading straight to the boat.
Could be the perfect dream,
because she had a bag of goodies in one hand and a red wine in the other.
But she continued straight to the boat next, it was the end of that dream.

Weekly photo challenge “Transient“.

Oh Daisy

Let me introduce Daisy and Donald Duck.

Worldwide known lady, with a lot of names.
Arabic: زيزي (Zyzy)
Bulgarian : Дейзи Дък (Deĭzi Dŭk)
Croatian: Vlatka Patka
Danish: Andersine And
Dutch: Katrien Duck
Finnish: Lines Ankka
Greek: Νταίζη Ντακ (Ntaízi Ntak)
Hebrew: דייזי דאק (Dyyzy Daq)
Hungarian: Deszi Kacsa
Indonesian: Desi Bebek
Icelandic: Andrésína Önd
Italian: Paperina
Japanese: Deijī Dakku
Korean: Deiji Deog
Norwegian: Dolly Duck
Polish: Kaczka Daisy
Portuguese: Margarida
Russian: Дейзи Дак (Deyzi Dak)
Spanish: Pata Daisy
Swedish: Kajsa Anka
Turkish: Deyzi
Serbian: Pata Patka