Close or too close

This isn’t a part of the townscape, but from the closer area..

Windows are primarily for looking out and not in,
unless it’s the sun peeking in.
Or has a sales promotion function for something inside.
Basically, more is seen through occupied than unoccupied building windows.
The architectural collaboration of windows with external walls,
probably doesn’t justify us standing on our toes and looking in.?

Our half-timbered house in the old town center has three floors.
The ground floor is rented out to a local business.
The first floor is rented out to a local office.
The second floor apartment is so ours,
nothing peeking in through our windows – except often the sun.
Only on the balcony there are sometimes visit – small birds looking in..

Before there were moats as defense,
but this is only a half-hidden aqueduct.
Gates were solid, easier to defend.
This is not a solid gate for defense.
Yeah or so, but only to protect against wind, rain and other weather conditions.

These little metal stands aren’t for the curious window-gazers.
But more to prevent parked cars.

Ancient defense methods were barrels
filled with tar or other “boring” liquid materials.
It was poured down on the heads of attackers.
A method that is probably not used that much anymore.
But barrels are used in the area for wine,
which is voluntarily poured down into people’s throats.