Rather naked than that

One of many street paintings on parisian walls.
Don’t believe it could be famous parisian fashion, these green underpants.
So rather completely naked.

Red means open

Probably one of the most famous red lights in Paris, guess many stops there.?

Must be honest and confess that the place has never been visited.
Maybe such a place that mothers warn their daughters to visit.?
(from where do mothers know what they warn their daughters about)
Maybe such a place fathers warn their sons to visit.?
(where the sons might meet their fathers on slack line)


Do it the french way

For a non-french-born to handle three rounds nonstops in a row is a real trial
– at the this famous roundabout is a big triumph, where anarchy prevails.

If a true parisian car owner pushes the horn once or twice
– hello it was a good day, they just met a foreigner who “driving french”.

Love it