Me and my dog named Poxie

This is not a sentimental post or an attempt to give animals human characteristics at all
as children are allowed to be children – as women are allowed to be women – as men are allowed to be men – then dogs are allowed to be dogs – so it is as good as it can be.
This post written with a twinkle in the eye and actually also a small tear in both eye hook.

My lovely dog, Poxie, died last saturday, exactly 15 years and one month old
It is said that one human year is equivalent to seven dog years, so it was an old lady.

but there is a good story or good stories hidden behind this lovely dog

It was a yorkshire terrier on top of that one with a very long and nice pedigree
with an official name so long and fine that was a queen or princess worthy
that fact wasn’t made the dog snobby at all, but observed in the attitudes one could see
that in one way or another so shone the noble and the aristocratic through
but being snobby, was the dog really very far from – it was a small yorkshire terrier,
with an ego, with courage and with self-confidence as an enormous giant.

 The first meeting was funny, my partner and I had decided to divorce – I was going to keep the house and we decided to bought her a house – there was a house in the town she wanted to buy and I was followed to see if there was some mistake or some missings at the house – the nice elderly couple invited us in to inspect the house – when we come into the kitchen – a small 15 weeks old yorkshire terrier puppy came whistling – directly bypassing the others and straight to me, and called for being lifted up – which I did.

We also found out that the dog only was allowed to be in the kitchen not the rest of the house – but the couple maybe not dare to say anything to the dog was sitting into my arms all the way through the house – they had a house they would have sold 
my ex-wife bought the house and moved in almost immediately
8 days after the elderly couple called her – they were already tired of the puppy
ask if she still would buy the puppy, the answer was yes.
When I came up to put our son (who lived with me) of at his mother
so the dog came rushing as if it was the one and only that I came to visit
it jumped into the car as it said “Here we go”.Our son looked after the dog when his mother would be away for a longer time
such as weekends and evenings – so he took the dog home to our house
and it was walking in as if it owned the entire cottage.
The dog was very easy to “babysit”
such as ate the dog always the food it was offered
I told some guest I was visiting for dining
that they did not believe – so I had to prove it
so first got the dog served a tiny shrimp cocktail (with all)
so then it got a little piece of entrecote with fried potatoes and a little sauce
finally, a little chocolate cake with orange ice cream
it did not eat but ate.
When the son the day after handed over the dog to his mother – he tell the story
she laughed and claimed that it was the city’s most spoiled dog.
If she was driving in her car to bring the dog to my house
so she stopped some distance away and walked the short distance round the bend
for if the dog discovered the house from inside the car
so it was so wildly enthusiastic that it peed on the seat of joy.

Then it took almost a couple of years where the dog came to visit if not daily, so several times during the week – came to visit and sometimes stayed several days too
 so when my ex-wife one day asked if I would take the dog permanently 
so the answer was easy – so then moved Poxie in, with all its “belongings” 
including the fine pedigree,
where we found out that its first name wasn’t “Poxie” but “Topsy” 
it was changed so that it came to be called what we always thought was the dog’s name.

I had a lot of work at home in my home office
this pleased Poxie quite excellent, it was so much at the open terrace door
where from it liked to follow if something was happening in the encircled garden
one day suddenly stiffened Poxie, for less than half a meter from the dog sat a red squirrel watching the dog – it was obvious that the dog wondered what kind of fellow that was
  when the squirrel hopped in and sniffed at the food bowl – enough was enough
the squirrel was chased out and it didn’t happen silently.
A special feature of the yorkshire terrier is that they don’t know how small they are
either they believe that they are very large
or maybe believe that the size makes no difference.
When Poxie first time should meet the family’s grandparents
It was a memorable meeting
Grandmother and grandson sitting in the back seat
grandfather on the passenger seat and Poxie rushed around and talked to all
so holy mark the one with the grandfather and whined a little
I asked if we should not stop and walk the dog
but the grandfather thought the dog was just happy to see him
Suddenly the dog peed on the grandfather
that was what it had tried telling
however they did not arise because of that
actually loved Poxie always come to visit them
there it was treated as queen of the queens.

When we went for a walk – not long trips, Poxie had short legs
if we met a large dog so was the dog alert and barking if necessary
if we met a small dog so it was very gracious
Poxie loved to be out on the walk, but would quickly be worn around
up and sit in the arms and enjoy the view
but we met some children, especially little girls
so would Poxie down on its own feet
because it knew that they would gather around it and stroke it
while they told how sweet and lovely it was
when they were gone, it would up in arms again.

 Poxie was a very international dog
with its own passport – an approved vaccination certificate
which made that it was moved with us at the periods of stayed abroad.
Poxie could bark in danish, german, norwegian, english and french
the dogs could easily understand each other
so either have they ear for language or there is an international dog language.

 Countless times, when there was peace and quiet in the house in the late evening hours and I sat at the desk with my laptop and worked – was often the only light from the big screen – then one sat there in own thoughts – suddenly came there a head out from behind the screen – a small head with glowing eyes – there was one who needed a little attention. 

 Yorkshire terrier has generally not any fantastic sight
but an exceptionally impressive hearing, sense of smell and great intuition.

Poxie had no trouble being home alone 3 4 or 5 hours
just not made ​​a big deal out of it was to be alone
just it had a walk before, so the dog slept most of the time
we have a photo sensor that revealed this.

The remarkable thing was that my son while he lived at home
came home at the same time every day
it could be seen on the video that Poxie every day 10 minutes before
woke up and sat down by the door to wait
normally it lay in my bed and slept.

Over the last months Poxie’s sight was substantially attenuated
but compensated with the other senses
However, it would eventually like to have harness and leash on
it would very much like to get rid of before.

It was never wearing collars, the shape of the head and neck didn’t match that.

The last week was very strange without Poxie, it used to be there so really missed it.


Weekly Photo Challenge (movement)

The word “movement” is a very versatile word

the mechanism behind the facade of your clock or watch makes time go

the coordinated mechanism behind the facade of community in groups
the issue either politically, religious, socially, economically, art-(cultur) etc.

the mechanism behind the facade of music, which builds it up to sounds great or not.

and so there are MOVEment


Movement from the good old days.

Photo shot in 1962 by my fathers mother (my gradmother) a saturday around noon – why is the day of the week so wellknown, it’s easy to tell – every saturday morning at 10 – my father’s father (grandfather) biked to the little grocery store in the nearby village – to purchase groceries, tobacco, etc – it was a tradition – he met 8-10 of the local men from the area, they met in the back room of the small grocery business – where they each got a cigar and then discussed the world situation, that was a tradition too.

Their shopping lists, they had given to the shopkeeper – who so packed the goods, at that time self-service has not been invented and the goods were delivered by the grocer’s young messenger boy – some of the men in the back room, their goods were delivered at home – before they even got home themselves – but so did their wives knew that the men’s purchases were in process – after an hour of talk time, so they all went each to their own – it was time for lunch.

Payment cards were not invented back then – and it was considered blistered to walk around with cash in your pocket – so then each had a book at the grocery store, where their buying through the month were written in – then the last saturday of every month – then was settled with the shopkeeper – that saturday, the men have a glass aquavit each, while they smoked their cigars – it was a traditon too. 

and it was only one glass aquavit never more than that.


My grandparents lived far from the beaten track – there was a very long blind gravel road that led out to their home – their nearest neighbor was 1500 meters away, they lived where the gravel road started (the photo shows the neighbor’s home far behind my grandfather)  when my grandfather drove away on the bike on saturdays, then their dog “Lady” was sitting at the corner of their house – so it could watch down to the neighbor’s house. 

So when my grandfather returned home maybe 1½ hour later, the dog started to bark – when he passed the neighbor’s house – so he whistled and the dog ran to meet him and then followed with him the last piece of the gravel road – my grandmother tried often to call the dog into the house – but it would wait for his grandfather came home.


Weekly Photo Challenge (friendship)

Friendship comes in many flavors – tied with many different types of ribbon or strings.

friendships are sometimes predictable, sometimes illogical
there is no manual or guide for buddy relationships

they can grow out of nowhere
but also had a hard birth.

seen alliances between humans, between animals. between animals and humans
basically, it’s perhaps a matter of chemistry.

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge (friendship)
photo taken by my father’s mother (grandmother) in the beginning of June 1959.

(My mum as young with the dog “Lady”)

but there are a related story in the shadow of the photo:

Lady or perhaps better 3 ladies

My father’s mother (my grandmother) was a special woman – learning life the hard way   as one of the oldest child in a group of 17 siblings – a female with a very very solid character with her own strong principles – and her own ideas – which were very hard to move – often needed a lot pushing – a very honest and genuine woman with great many qualities, but humor was not among these gualities – she was the mother of 2 children.

My father and his elder brother – she tried to exert its influence on these 2 boys – but they were just as smoky as she was salted (danish expression when 2 gives another qualified opposition) – of course she was also critical of her sons’ choice of girlfriend – both of her sons chose their life partner almost as teenagers – too early in her eyes, who was 19, when she took the choice herself. 

That june day in 1959 was the youngest son present his sweetheart for his parents and tell that they actually got engaged the sunday before too – it was not just a walkover – that knew her youngest son and that knew the older brother and his wife all about  remembering when she was presented some years before.

Thr old lady have a weak spot – her beloved dog “Lady”, she just “loved” this dog
it followed her everywhere and enjoyed her favors in rich abundance.

So it was a friendly but skeptical upcoming mother in law – said hello to the 17 year old upcoming daughter in law – and invited her inside.

and what happened

Few minutes after that the young woman was placed in the older woman’s armchair – then her beloved dog “Lady” almost sitting on top of her guest – the dog who had always been reserved with strangers – and the dog had completely forgotten her owner and this was the way the all day (and it was the way, so long as the dog lived) – so during this sunday something happened that nobody had seen before – that the old lady changed her mind within a few hours from black to white…

So the dog “Lady” accompanying a friendship that day
which formed another friendship in its surrounding.


Jysk knowhow..?

Jyder er ud over at være nogen behagelige, besindige mennesker, 

også meget sparsommelige (ikke det samme som nærige) forstås.

– det ses blandt andet i deres sprog(for)brug.

“Overdrivelse fremmer forståelsen”

ligger dem fjernt.

Anvendelse af ordet “dreng” på godt jysk:

A: Et barn af hankøn, en (rigtig) dreng.

B: Et tjenestebarn, en slags “junior’karl”

C: En voksen ugift mandsperson alias ungkarl.

D: 11’eren i kortspil, alias ‘knægt’ eller ‘bonde’.

E: Det sidste neg der høstes på kornmarken (neg er høstet kornstrå med korn på)

F: Bundt af store uldtejer (kartet uld)

G: Sideskud på rugplante, oftest sentspirende skud

– rug bliver brugt til rugbrød

H: Krogformet redskab til at trække tråde i væv.

I: Trækstang på spinderokken mellem rokkehjul og trædebræt.

J: Gammel kobbermønt.

Den foretrukne fra gammel tid til at købe kærlighedsgaver for – tidligere meget brugt til at spare op med blandt unge piger – for at bruge dem til at købe brudesko for – opsparingen startede typisk ved konfirmationen eller endda før – men mønten udgik i 1973

– 25’øren fra 1992 var med kobber og kunne måske haved startet traditionen igen, men tiderne har måske ændret sig for meget – hvis pigen skal bruge et par brudesko, så køber hun dem blot – eventuelt med et “plastik’kort”

– eller også bruger hun bare de sko fra sit seneste bryllup. 

K: Venlig tiltale til hund eller hest eller omtale af disse.

L: Endelse ifm plantenavn

(en lille plante mellem større eller en aflægger).

M: Endelse ifm bagværk (den mindste kage på fadet eller i kagedåsen).

N: Et kærligt og godmodigt udtryk om en “røver”

– eksempelvis ‘slemme’ drenge som “Jern Henrik og Emil fra Lønneberg.

O: Spiserøret hos et får.

– se det var mindst 14 ord der kunne spares væk… 😉

Andejagt gik i hundene

Der er mange mange historier om alt det hunde kan finde på at jagte

– lige fra deres egen hale til biler

ofte ved hunden nok slet ikke hvad den skal bruge det den jagter til

det gælder bestemt også dem der henter avisen

nogle hunde er “professionelle” jagthunde

i en kombination af gener og opdragelse

her er historien om en jagthund, der troede den var jægeren

Det var en solskinsdag hvor der alligevel blæste en frisk men mild vind – en gruppe på 5, inklusive ‘den sorte andrik’ var taget på en rask cykeltur på deres mountainbikes i det meget skønne område i og omkring den lille franske bjergkæde Vogeserne.

Det er en behagelig måde at dyrke lidt motion på, når ens gøremål for en periode ligger i den gamle hyggelige og meget historiske Alsace’by Colmar.

Den skønne natur gør at man slet ikke bemærker det svedspor man trækker efter sig.

Lokale havde talt om at der i den seneste tid havde været både geder, får og andre mindre dyr der var blevet skambidte af det man mente var en stor løsgående hund – også cyklister især børn var i enkelte tilfælde blevet forskrækket/forulempet af en herreløs hund – men det var ikke lykkes nogen at opklare noget, endsige fange nogen ‘gerningsmand’.

Den lille gruppe kom pustende på deres mountainbikes,

med ‘andrikken’ i front for en gangs skyld,

op af en af de bakker som området er så rigt leveringsdygtig i

– da der fra et krat i den ene side, kom en brun skygge farende ud

med kurs lige mod den cyklende flok.

– der bremse ned, kraftigt ned, for at undgå et sammenstød

men her gøres nok en alvorlig skæbnesvanger fejl,

nemlig med høj ‘gammel’ befalingsmandstemme at brøle

“Forsvind møgkøter”

 på dansk

til en gal fransk ruhåret hønsehund 

  “Set i bagklogskabens klare lys” – et Kurt Thorsen udtryk

– så ville det nok havde været mere virkningsfuldt og logisk 

med med ordet “bâtard” krydret med et par velvalgte tillægsord på samme sprog

så resultatet er at jagthunden baldrer ind i cyklens forhjul,

hvorved ‘andrikken’ letter og står hen over styret uden at bruge vingerne overhovedet

– for så at lande på ryggen oven på et nu lettere ekset forhjul

– et forhjul hvor der ligger en voldsom ophidset fransk ruhåret jagthund under

så voldsomt at den i ren raseri – prøver at æde cyklen.

Så det klogeste er lige kortvarigt at blive liggende for at konkretisere eventuelle skader – cyklen har et ekset forhjul og et lettere bøjet styr – ‘andrikken’ har ikke andet ubehag  end det som det giver at lande på ryggen på et cykelforhjul med en splittergal jagthund under efter at havde prøvet at bruge cykelstyret som stopklods

Den franske ruhårede hønsehund har tilsyneladende ikke opgivet andestegen og gnasker stadig efter de få sekunder tiden har stået nærmest stille

  livligt i mountainbiken.

måske lige så meget for at komme fri nu…

Det viste sig at jagthunden havde brækket et ben og efterfølgende fik den en skinne på og blev meget hjemmegående for en tid –  samtidig blev den genkendt af flere cyklister store som små, der havde haft oplevelse med hundens trang til at prøve på at fange cyklister

Flere af de lokale bønder havde også set hunden i nærheden af deres gårde uden selskab

selv om ejeren hårdnakket påstå at den altid var i snor

men ingen havde set ham med den i snor

Et par dage efter uheldet så ville ‘Andrikken’ besøge patienten

og spørge til dens helbred

man er vel dyreven

Men da den franske råhårede hønsehund hørte en stemme der på dansk sagde

“Hva’ så Ratatata (det hed den ikke) hvo’n har du det”

så krøb den lidt pivende sammen i kurven med skinneben og det hele

så lidt dansk kunne hunden måske… 😉

cyklen var heldigvis lejet, så det blev en sag mellem hundeejer og cykelejer

pudsigt nok så stoppede uordenen med cykeljagt og skambid også

så det har nok været ‘gerningsmanden’,

der havde ageret ‘kæp’ i hjulet…