Maybe sing a serenade too

L 33

The italian town of Malcesine at Lake Garda, the summer of Twenty Ten.

The door  by sea or as here by the lake is often underrated.

But there is so much charm or even romance to the feet of us, arriving that way.

One of the experiences here was one of the local Italians with a great sense of humor.
With a huge twinkle in his eye, he told that there was a priceless opportunity.
The opportunity to experience a great romantic moment here
namely, by sailing out on the lake in a small boat
bringing with a delicious picnic basket, a chilled bottle of white wine and a lovely girl.

If you didn’t have a boat, so he could rent out one
if you had no picnic basket, he could deliver a cheap one
even the wine if it lacked he could very easily deliver for local prices.
The only one that had to be done was to kiss the girl.
If you couldn’t figure it out yourself, he could as well do it and for free.

Couldn’t help but ask if anyone have forget bringing with a cute girl
if so his wife could be persuaded for a boat ride.

He chuckled with laughter as he told that no one had asked yet.

Weekly photo challenge, 2nd version of the theme “Door