Keep, a “K” issue

The tell a letter story challenge by idea of “frizztext
now the time has come to the letter “K”.

Keep in Touch
my mother’s class of 1948
their teacher, she hold her 100th birthday
a few months ago and is still on top in touch.

Keep Warm
The 2 brothers in law were (one is dead now) both warm people
but knew that it could be hard work to keep warm.

Keep Cool
Little sister knew that the 10 year elder brother’s toys were more fun.

Keep Calm
even if one’s “crazy” father, “Le Drake Noir”
trying to scare with some funny jokes eyes.

Keep the Change
from grass into milk.

Keep Alive
officers from NATO in springtime 1956
use the waiting time for social interaction
with “fled” hungarian officers
while waiting for orders to go to war or not
against the Red Army
somewhere in southeastern West Germany.

Keep Smile
the shortest distance
between people
is a smile 

the easiest way is to turn our backs on each other.