Closer to heaven

Small cozy hotel with roof terrace and views over the rooftops.
Nearby restaurant with Michelin star food.

Local connection

Kaysersberg, the fortified bridge has stretched across river Weiss since 1514.
It connects the old town and the upper town.
It includes a smaller “sweat box” in the middle,
where residents were jailed for minor offenses.
Saying with a big smile in the eye: If it is to be photographed without tourists
– it must be done early morning or late evening.
Very popular attraction.

Back in town

Kaysersberg, when looking up over the vines – then one feels at home.
The surrounding lush fields are charming all year round.
Now when the grapes are inside house too, talented and tenacious winegrowers.
Actually impressive to see the soil beneath the vines,
perfectly ideal but surprising to many that the liquid gold is emerging from it.

Answers blowing in the wind

At the top of the tower of the old charismatic fortress behind Kaysersberg,
where the french Tricolore “struggles” with the dominant force of the wind.
In fact, the flags wear out quickly in that kind of battles.

Those who think the dry-strings in the backyards of Kaysersberg
reveals exciting gossip, they will be disappointed.

Agriculture around Kaysersberg is much more than viticulture.
Wheat flour is also needed for all the flutes that assist cheese and wine.