Last saturday street mood

As I know, the moose don’t live wild in France
– only as wild outdoor window decoration in december.
Kaysersberg, late saturday afternoon experiences in the streets.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Roasted chestnuts with sea salt are a popular ingredient of street life just now.
Many find them tasteful meaty with a mysterious dedicated and refined taste.

Young street vendor with gumption and maybe ready with a good bargain
– a charming miniature world of colorful human figures.

“Close your eyes and wish” time.
Said with a twinkle in the eye, couldn’t it be “a little bit dangerous”.?


Saturday street life

Kaysersberg, late saturday morning with lots of people in the streets.
Question inspired by the Band Aid song: “Do they know it’s Christmastime at all.?”
Think so – they’ve probably looked in their calendars.?
At least some are wearing a red soft pointed hat – it must be proof enough.

It isn’t cold, actually storks should have red beaks.

By the way, in english so beak is described as
Protective Horny Jaw” isn’t english a naughty language.?

Local connection

Kaysersberg, the fortified bridge has stretched across river Weiss since 1514.
It connects the old town and the upper town.
It includes a smaller “sweat box” in the middle,
where residents were jailed for minor offenses.
Saying with a big smile in the eye: If it is to be photographed without tourists
– it must be done early morning or late evening.
Very popular attraction.