Just a Joke

A letter “J” story challenge after the idea of “frizztext

“Just a joke”

Using jokes is funny, in serval ways – both at the good way and the bad way.
there can be many reasons for use of that “weapon”
but to be able to afford to use humor
one must also be able to tolerate it used against one
irony is very important – people without self-irony
should in my eyes had awarded highest invalidity pension
jokes are also often misunderstood

But satire is also an important weapon
we can’t live without it
but to understand the jokes
then you had acknowledged
the world isn’t just black and white
and much less is it only black or white.

We must also innovate
if you use jokes as a weapon
against something you don’t like
so it is very important to renew the jokes
otherwise, they act like a boomerang
and tells more about the sender
than about the one who the joke’s about.

I am a lucky guy, who has always been able to joke just about everything – about women, about children, about death, about myself, about life, about immigration, about culture, about religion, about everything between heaven and earth, about heaven . about hell, about eroticism – even about politics – perhaps because all the “victims” know

that it all stems from pragmatism and basic respect for other people.

Where I have had most trouble, that’s when I joke about us men
then I get verbal “beatings” – from several other men without self-irony
who believe it is blasphemy and “to piss in own nest”
just make fun of the others – again “black or white”
but perhaps women who make fun of women have the same experience.


Just a Joke
(don’t forget it’s just a joke)
 A woman goes out to buy a gun.
“It’s for my husband.” she explained to the shop owner.
“But, madam, guns are very personal.
They need to be properly suited to their owner.
Why not bring your husband along..?”
“Because it would ruin the surprise:
he doesn’t even know I’m going to shoot him.”