Just a Joke

A letter “J” story challenge after the idea of “frizztext

“Just a joke”

Using jokes is funny, in serval ways – both at the good way and the bad way.
there can be many reasons for use of that “weapon”
but to be able to afford to use humor
one must also be able to tolerate it used against one
irony is very important – people without self-irony
should in my eyes had awarded highest invalidity pension
jokes are also often misunderstood

But satire is also an important weapon
we can’t live without it
but to understand the jokes
then you had acknowledged
the world isn’t just black and white
and much less is it only black or white.

We must also innovate
if you use jokes as a weapon
against something you don’t like
so it is very important to renew the jokes
otherwise, they act like a boomerang
and tells more about the sender
than about the one who the joke’s about.

I am a lucky guy, who has always been able to joke just about everything – about women, about children, about death, about myself, about life, about immigration, about culture, about religion, about everything between heaven and earth, about heaven . about hell, about eroticism – even about politics – perhaps because all the “victims” know

that it all stems from pragmatism and basic respect for other people.

Where I have had most trouble, that’s when I joke about us men
then I get verbal “beatings” – from several other men without self-irony
who believe it is blasphemy and “to piss in own nest”
just make fun of the others – again “black or white”
but perhaps women who make fun of women have the same experience.


Just a Joke
(don’t forget it’s just a joke)
 A woman goes out to buy a gun.
“It’s for my husband.” she explained to the shop owner.
“But, madam, guns are very personal.
They need to be properly suited to their owner.
Why not bring your husband along..?”
“Because it would ruin the surprise:
he doesn’t even know I’m going to shoot him.”

“I” as independent

The most independent pets maybe ever seen – my mom’s old cat (just dead 22 years old) a glorious pride and arrogance – the best friend and perhaps the only friend was my now 15 years old dog – a Yorkshire terrier who is almost as autonomous and independent as the cat was – when the dog came to visit, they enjoyed each other’s company and they could eat and sleep together and enjoyed it – no one else dared.

The cat was 3 times bigger than the dog, the dog didn’t care about that.


A letter “I” story challenge after the idea of “frizztext“. 

You are most autonomous and most independent, when you recognize
that there still is something you haven’t control over and something you are dependent on.

If the feeling of freedom and independence, based solely on the things to go your way
without fighting for it – then it is not freedom and not independence
but only a prison with armor transparent glass.

In our part of the world where we see us self as role models
it’s sad to see young people brought up to be
without resistance to opponent and defeat problems ‘at all’
“curling children” they are called with irony
parents sweep everything aside for them
so that they almost living in a bell jar.

In the name of independence we makes dependence.

Freedom and independence associated with responsibility
all for one and one for all
none of them are anyhing without the others.

If we didn’t take care this saying would be right:

“Freedom is just another word of nothing to loose”




“F” for the first time

“No one can possibly know what is about to happen:
it is happening, each time, for the first time, for the only time.”
(James Arthur Baldwin 1924-87)

Everything has a start – a beginning – a first time
 sometimes randomly. sometimes planned and sometimes  accidentally.

Some first times have age restrictions
is typical of this kind of first times
which are most fun and most attractive.

Mostly people remember their first time in many categories
even though many first times wasn’t the big rush
not all success comes through luck and good faith.

This photo was my first times doing that – make a shot with a camera.

The 11 year old “Le Drake Noir” was with his little 4 year old brother home alone at the big farm where we lived in the house – our father, who was an officer, was on maneuvers with his soldiers and our mom was just out to get some supplies in the local grocery store.

– the workers at the farm was in full swing with their work.

There were several tractors belonging to the farm, among the mega ones – there was this tiny red Massey Ferguson as my little brother was toally crazy about – and considered as his very own – that it wasn’t (we just lived there, but our father made accounting for the owner who had 3 similar farms) – so my little brother climbed up on his dream tractor and the big brother thought it was worth having a photo of – so quickly looked into the parents’ cabinet in the dining room and pick up their camera – it was called “Alpha” – the camera was in a holster or carrying case – it was damn hard for the world’s largest amateur photographer – to get it unpacked – take the photo – pack it in again and return to the cabinet – it was not discovered until the film was produced to images later on.

Funny response pattern,
because photography never been prohibited or allowed
there had never been spoken about it – before that day.

Letter “F” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)

‘C’ for control

Letter “C” story challenge (idea from “frizztext“)

Control is power, influence, and not at least management.

It takes place at many different levels and in many different ways of expression – it’s also different from country to country – some countries declares themselves as frontrunners compared to others, not to be it – not unusual on an exultant and “we know better” way.

We humans are probably created so we can’t entirely avoid rules
but in many ways deprives the rules and circulars
perhaps people the ability and the desire to think for themselves …?

So in many countries (including Denmark) there are rules for almost everything and checking on rules, orders and ordinances are complied with.

Many things that were previously allowed are now forbidden – not everything is logical – it would be too cumbersome to get into everything, also would guarantee something will be forgotten in light of the volume of the rules – so here just something to do with food.

With all the rules that are in the food sector
(in Denmark very large numbers)
so it might surprise that most fruit ain’t forbidden.

Fruit is mostly produced by insects and not only bees – the bees can’t reach all the fruit “production” – so lots of other insects have a role in the game

 the fruit isn’t hand made by insects, but close 

they either lick or rub wings / feet on the flowers of the fruit trees so they are pollinated.

I am not angry at insects
but crazy about almost everything fruit

and can only hardly wait for the blackberries are completely black and ready for eat.