Age scared

 A letter “A” story challenge – idea by “frizztext

Age frightened

A lot of – yeah really a great number – people are frightend of age.
both to much age and not enough age
for many people have to many or to few birthdays brought in more nightmares
than Alfred Hitchcock and Steven King and all their stories.

Roughly speaking there are 3 groups
the youth, the old and us in the middle, who is neither the first nor the last.
all 3 groups often see the 2 other groups as an enemy.

You ain’t old enough” or “You’re too old

This photo from the early 1950s, pretending my mothers fathers father running
perhaps hunting for youth or fleeing from old age


Some do not feel comfortable in their own age
but finds other ages more attractive
they may even be jealous of people in this age
or consider them to be a threat