Another explanation

How often does it happens that people call for a taxi on the street
– where they don’t know which city they are in.?

There’s probably another reason why the city name is on their roofs.

New look, old charm

Liverpool with blue sky blurred in a faint reddish tone,
a lot has happened in the Albert Dock area
– since dock workers and their draft horses did real hard work.
A completely different atmosphere now, more relaxed
– or stressed in a different modern way than it used to be,
the time where no one thought of the charm of sweating in large quantities.

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

On this walk (about a week ago) in the charming area
A yellow submarine is a necessity for a walk in Beatles Town.
Under the long slender chimney lies the “Old Pumphouse Pub”
– useful knowledge if the “evil” sweat suddenly do attack.

Short story

Been told that life isn’t black and white, but all grey.
Not true, but some say this kind of weather is politician weather.
Acting while you can’t see anything.?

If this was London and not Albert Docks in Liverpool.
Then it could almost be the start of a Charles Dickens short story.?

Totally surrounded by nothing

Throughout the years, laughter has been made about the famous british fog.
Usually most of all these jokes are attached to London, but that city isn’t alone.
Liverpool, here at the Albert Docks, also join the game.
The adjacent water surface is completely blurred by “the “soup”.

Or as Onslow probably would have said: “Ohh nice, totally surrounded by nothing”.?