Debbie and “Travel with intent” brings up this ‘one word sunday’

One of the greatest if not the greatest racehorse ever.
Won the Grand National Steeplechase at Aintree in Liverpool.
Amazing three times in 1973, 74 and 77 while second in 75 and 76.
The first time in 73 with 30 lengths distance before the number two.
Unbelieved record probably never to be beaten ever.
Red Rum retired in 1978 and past away in 1995 – over 30 years old.
Had national hero status – more than the biggest soccer teams.
There was attention even at death that was worthy of a king.
Was buried at Aintree Racecourse highly followed by public,
both all the media and horse enthusiasts directly.
Visting Aintree includies still a vist at the famous horse grave.

Red Rum sculpture made by sculptor and artist Philip Blacker.

Below photo by Jeremy Hoare / shown at The Osborne Studio Gallery London.