All directions identify forward


Looking down at the Irish Sea.

Very often it’s hard for us humans to find out what is up and down
it isn’t many years ago that we thought the earth was flat as a pancake
at the time Christopher Columbus traveled to find a shorter sea route to India
there was several of his sailors, who were afraid to sail off the edge.
At present we are much wiser – especially if we have to evaluate it in our own words
that the earth is round and not flat can be difficult to see with our naked eyes
even when we are standing on a high cliff and looking out over the sea and down to a ship
anyway we are talking about ships either sail up or down the coast.


Looking down the river Rhine at the Lorelei – (Info Wikipedia).

About rivers and waterways we often use the term
to look up the river and looking down the river.
Just in terms of the river Rhine there is a bit of confusion
some say upriver when they think in the direction of the source
others say upriver when they think in the direction of the estuary into the North Sea

– so maybe we can’t say “down by the river” about the river Rhine..?

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