Maybe dream of love

From the second largest of the islands, Gozo, in the state of Malta in the Mediterranean.

“The island of Gozo is been associated with Ogygia,
the island home of the nymph Calypso in Homer’s Odyssey.
In that story, Calypso, possessed of great supernatural powers,
and in love with Odysseus, holds him captive for a number of years.
Until finally releasing him to continue his journey home.”

Maybe this idyllic spot was the backdrop of great unhappy love for many years.ago.?


Love at first sight

L 45

Do you know the feeling,
you are walking relaxed
down at the cozy street
while you think about everything and nothing.

Suddenly you are hit by lightning
stands as paralyzed completely speechless
in front of you is your dream of all dreams
your resistance is gone, no matter what people think.

The feelings the good ones bubbles in you.
You want to reach out for contact, want to touch
want to feel the pressure against your lips
want to let your hands cuddle.these marvelous curves.

I’ve always wanted a saxophone, and learn to play this instrument.
clearly my own fault that it has never been for more than a dream.
If anyone thought this was about something else – clearly their fault.

Le Drake Noir.

Colors for sale

K 04

Ready for sale – carpe diem in the streets of Sousse.

Colors in combination all have a part making beauty so wonderfully true.
They are special and different each single one, and just paint an image together.

Something made in combination or common often happens to be more difficult
but the result seems larger much larger – including combination of colors too.

Love is a feeling completely bound up with colors,
like thousands of rainbows superimposed one on top of the other
*Paulo Coelho – brazilian author*

Limelight for everything

F 72

City of Lights they call the city of cities, Paris – the very best is not to live in this city
the expectation to visit and the sweet pain by leaving it on again – they are priceless.

City of Love Paris is called too.
Everyone who is in love with a woman should take her at least for a weekend there
no jewelry, no gown, no high-heeled shoes provides a woman respect as Paris does
no matter which part of the world the woman comes from.

F 67

Montmartre always worth visiting, always full of idyllic enthusiasm.

F 66

Lots of inspiring secrets which aren’t in city maps – but must be found by curiosity.
This staircase can be found under a restaurant in the Montmartre area
red wine drunk down there in this cellar, it tastes much better so said all who have tried.

Let your thoughts flows

E 01

Beauty is when you let yourself be seduced by a passion and allows youself to dream
without concern for the outside world as this unknown woman do at a concert.
Music, especially live music has this quality and taste in music can’t be valued.

Weekly photo challenge 2nd version of the theme “Dreamy

Maybe we are too locked into our own world – our own “right” ways of looking at the world
it gives less room for not only our own dreams but also others’ dreams
that’s why I love live concerts – the mood – the atmosphere around the music.

Also music I usually don’t listen to.

Even those who not mastered the german language
probably they sense the joy among the spectators.

“Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer”
in german which means in english
“Seaman, the sea are your home”
easily could be a link for passion and dreams
which could be many different things – work, love and so on.