Cross the river Mersey

April 2017, Mersey Gateway under construction.

The fact of these two things being placed close together with contrasting effect.
The river Mersey and the bridge called Mersey Gateway.
Probably people will need some time before it’s seen visually coherent.

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme this week “Juxtaposition


Floating art cross the Mersey

R 14

This passenger ferry “Snowdrop” and its sister ferry “Royal Iris” is living history.
The inspirational backdrop to the smash hit “Ferry cross the mersey“.

Named “Woodchurch” from start in 1960 until 2003
from 2003 and onwards named “Snowdrop”.
The sister ferry named “Montwood” from start in 1959 until 2001.
from 2001 and onwards named “Royal Iris of the Mersey”.

During 2015-16, the ferry applied a unique new livery based on “WW1 dazzle ships”.
Designed by the artist Sir Peter Blake and entitled “Everybody Razzle Dazzle”.
The livery was commissioned by “Liverpool Biennial” and “Tate Liverpool“.
The Liverpool Biennial is the largest international contemporary art festival in the UK.

R 15

R 13

Here “Snowdrop” in i’st wellknown normal workwear.

Above not only the water

L 40

The River Mersey is a core element of Liverpool
there are no left side of the river, both sides are right.

A day around the Liverbuilding in Liverpool.

My inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
Back in not USSR but the city of Beatles – the city of Liverpool.
The “walk” on the river Mersey.

When arriving at the international airport in Liverpool
named “Liverpool John Lennon Airport” since 2001
so you see its motto is a phrase from Lennon’s “Imagine”
Above us only sky

Could be the slogan of the city of Liverpool.
Generally a city with high ceilings with room for diversity.
Regardless of sexuality, religious values or tan of the face.

l 41

L 42

L 43

Very very early in the morning, the sun rays haven’t carried away the misty yet.

To the right or just old

H 52

A wise person once claimed that it was easy to tell the difference between right and left
because on the left hand sits the thumb to the right and on the right to the left.
Sailors may not know this, because at the sea they use green and red colors to show it.

The color green is a spectacular color
we are young we are green, if we are too old – so we are green too.

The green spring indicates a new start we are told – but lead roofing turn green with age.