View is the cheapest

Monte Carlo, priceless view
otherwise a casino visit is needed.


Don’t stand too close


From a larger perspective then everything is minimalism.
In snowy mountains all regardless of size will find the truth of size.
Even these giants for the preparation of ski slopes,
they have to create their own little minimalist world in the huge world of mountains.

The worth visiting Thursday’s Special themes created by Paula
The inspiring theme last week “Minimalism

Age and size are only numbers.
The attitude makes the difference
*Donna Karan – american designer*


R 99

By using trains, aeroplanes, ferries, cars and that kind,
we always uses a track other have made before us.

Older daily prompt theme “Crossing trip

By using sailing boats, mountain bikes or dromedaries so we can make our own path.

Not necessarily alone, easily be in the company of others or cross other people’s tracks.

Irish Sea, Sahara and french Alpes.

01 83

01 58

A lake, peaks and a queen

P 75

Early morning was just saying hello to Freddie Mercury from the rock band The Queen.
The sculpture stands in the swiss city of Montreux.

The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A walk in surroundings which could be backdrop of a movie or two.

P 74

A kick of happiness is a friend with a boat and the view of Montreux
still early morning and the swiss Alps as a backdrop.

P 76

Another kick of happiness is to be the happy owner of a black mountain bike
still a little early morning and the swiss Alps not as background but as reality.
Almost up to the sky above the clouds, but still grip with the feet to the earth.
The fog will lift more and more and the sun is taking over the heights.

P 77

P 73

Everybody in the morning
Should do a good turn all right
Everybody in the night time
Should have a good time all night
Now we got a movement
Don’t shun it fun it
Can’t you see now you’re moving free?
Get some fun join our dynasty
Can’t you tell when we get it down?
You’re the one you’re the best in town
*part of “Fun it” from The Queen album “Jazz” (1978)