Artwork by nature

There is no abstract art.
You must always start with something.
Afterward you can remove all traces of reality
*Pablo Picasso – spanish artist*

Alsace, nature only have to start with a half hidden stone, running water and sun rays.

Cool butterfly

Alsace now, it is assumed to be winter according to the calendar.
Nevertheless meet a creature that is expected to be a sign of non-winter.

Hidden nudity

Alsace, a lake on a quiet january winter day.
Hides its nudity by mirroring the surroundings.

The naked “wounds” in the forest are hidden by a green carpet of moss.

The pebbles seem at a distance to be a rug,
but seen closely, they break the uniformity.

Some green growths don’t know it’s winter and keep the color,
while stones use camouflage as if they had enemies.

Nature on the horizon

Can be exciting and at the same time challenging to move in unknown territory
– where does Morocco end and where does Algeria start.?
It doesn’t really matter if the intentions are absolutely peaceful
– and at the same time that local guides don’t turn the thumb down.
Breathtakingly beautiful scenery, no matter which side of the border.