Sculpture in eerie light


The Nelson Monument in Liverpool UK
it is a monument to the english admiral Horatio Nelson.
it was designed by Matthew Cotes Wyatt and sculpted by Richard Westmacott.
the sculpture stands to the north of the Town Hall and was unveiled in 1813.

Many sculptures have an “eerie” charisma, especially in artificial light at night
especially historic sculptures – but the history can also be spooky itself.

Several tourists who don’t know the background for the sculpture
and the relation to the english naval hero Lord Nelson
they believe that it is a sculpture with relations to past slave trade
indicating that the imagination of the observers very often creates stories too.

As a dane Lord Nelson is best known as the person
who ended the danish position as a major power on the world’s oceans
by seizing or lower the Danish Navy ships at Copenhagen at the beginning of the 1800s
the danes had an alliance with the french emperor Napoleon – it cost them their fleet
funny enough in a historical view so Lord Nelson isn’t considered a villain by the danes.

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