Horse waterway

Idyllic shallow evening ride on horseback.

Free, just graduated

Conversation or one way communication with a seagull.?

“Of course there is free photography”.
“Free photography does not mean for free”.
“Okay now we speak the same language”.

Cheese story

Guess most have heard of the Camembert cheese.
Fewer may know that it is named after a small village in southern Normandy.
About the 2 very popular cheeses camembert and brie – from each regions of France.
it is said that the difference between them is only 300 km.
It is true in terms of distance, but there are similarities and differences as well.

The story tells that a priest on the run from the Brie area,
hid at a farmer’s wife in the village of Camembert.
As thanks for the help, he leave the cheese recipe for her.
The adventure of the Camembert cheese was thus underway.
The farmer’s wife was Marie Harel,
she is attributed as the mother of the cheese.

Marie Harel is honored both in the village and in the larger town of Vimoutier.
The last mentioned place with a statue that lost its head and other injuries,
during fighting during the invasion of Normandy.
The locals couldn’t afford the re-establishment of the sculpture.
Dairiemen from US Ohio, some of them had been in the battles.
They sponsored a new Marie Harel statue, it’s “cheese with heart”.

Not a “hangover”

Le Pin au Haras in Normandy – there’s a very clever horse.
The young woman just need to sit and then it runs the show.
Made my thoughts except from the colors about the horse Jolly Jumper.

Jolly Jumper the horse character in the franco-belgian comics series Lucky Luke,
Described as “the smartest horse in the world”
and able to perform tasks such as chess-playing and tightrope walking.
created by the belgian artist (cartoonist, comics artist, illustrator) Morris.