Literally a transient dream

Four men in a sailboat by the quayside.
One of them up in the mast engaged in arranging sails.
Of course with a pocket camera too.
A cute girl apparently heading straight to the boat.
Could be the perfect dream,
because she had a bag of goodies in one hand and a red wine in the other.
But she continued straight to the boat next, it was the end of that dream.

Weekly photo challenge “Transient“.

Southern norwegian mood

A statue of the danish King Kristian IV, the founder of norwegian city of Kristiansand.
At that time, the two countries were in one community.
Many ancient cultures and military personalities, which people think are danish.
They are actually norwegian born, eg Ludvig Holberg, Peder Tordenskjold, Olaf Rye.
The two architects of the Danish Constitution, in fact it was a holsteiner and a norwegian.

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.

Kristiansand is a “odd” city, said with a glimpse in the eye.
Geography doesn’t lie, but at times the climate can be completely southern european.

Old fascinating norwegian construction.

Summer mood in Kristiansand.

The cathedral is a story in itself, but the tower sets the blue sky in relief.

The famous norwegian mountains, they continue right into the city.

The forests on the mountainsides can become completely rainforest-like.

Cityscape in Kristiansand.

Idyllic calm before the storm

01 14

Pure idyllic atmosphere, perhaps the calm before the storm
clouds disappeared for a moment and sunshine ruled for half an hour or so
norwegians take it easy today, because tomorrow is a norwegian celebration day
all those who believes that norwegians are “pretty dozy” when it comes to celebration
should visit Norway exactly 17th of May, their National Day – absolutly worth visiting
then they shall see the norwegians, who knows how to party.