Summer Beach Battle


On these hot summer days
there is a battle going on at the coveted beaches
a “fight” on the right to enjoy the happiness of the wonderful beach and seashore
with lots of sand, water, sunshine and fresh air and a place on the first row
it is a multi battle with many players

The shelducks are the most temperamental warriors
closely followed by swans and seagulls
while seals and people end up
go fishing or seek shelter at the nearest ice cream house.

Idyllic calm before the storm

01 14

Pure idyllic atmosphere, perhaps the calm before the storm
clouds disappeared for a moment and sunshine ruled for half an hour or so
norwegians take it easy today, because tomorrow is a norwegian celebration day
all those who believes that norwegians are “pretty dozy” when it comes to celebration
should visit Norway exactly 17th of May, their National Day – absolutly worth visiting
then they shall see the norwegians, who knows how to party.


Travel Theme Couple

A picture from an old family party for almost 30 years ago
the difference between that kind of pictures then and now is clear
at that time was shooting at a party, anything obligation
something that just had to be overcome.

Nowadays one are about to be overthrown by people
who insists on being photographed
when they act in front of the camera.
(said with a twinkle in the eye and positive irony)

The couple at this picture was actually very feisty
both in everyday life and at parties
completely through some wonderful people.

But it is clear that the party photography here was just pure duty.


With excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog
just look the challenge here “Where’s my backpack
my version of the theme “Couple

“E” like equal

A number of years ago to a larger family celebration – then appeared suddenly a crazy hat up – it was part of a song hide which were brought in as one of the many entertaining parts of the evening – the hat stayed when the song had been sung and 4 of the evening’s festive and fun guys tried this hat – much to the amusement of all the other party crowd

 the same hat must provide equal men..?

A letter “E” story challenge after the idea of “frizztext“. 

The word equal can easily be a cliché sometimes – those in power believe there is equality, those who don’t have power think there is inequality – if they switch places, then  those in power believe there is equality, those who don’t have power think there is inequality – it suggests the fact that power and equality are not quite coincide.

 Equality is often something on average 
if you have your feet in a hot oven and head in the freezer 
so you have it on average the most equal way..?

Equality, definitely an very important human right
 but isn’t right to be inequality, an important human right too
often does the desire for equality, rather a desire to assimilate people
perhaps it creates more confidence if all are similar
both of them who are alike
and for those who must or want to control them
to be equal, is easier for an awful lot of people
to be unequal (in a good way) creates a damn lot of work
both for those who are unequal
and for those who fear losing power or control
because of some are not equal.