Weekly Photo Challenge (dreaming)

The difference between dream and fantasy
it’s probably that the dream is connected to the ground
like a roof wouldn’t be usable without foundation
then a dream can’t hang in nothing – but a fantasy can.

Fantasies disappoints often dreadful
while dreams often motivates.

(screenshot  friday night) 

A buy of various lottery games, such as Euro Jackpot
is a typical fantasy, which is been taken as a dream
many people knows exactly what they will do with the money
if they won the pot of 132 million danish kroner

but have not figured the chances of winning the pot.


“Le Drake Noir” isn’t a moralist at all, but doesn’t dream about the big lotto win for the simple reason that I never buys lottery – but I have always dreams and have always had dreams, but they are changed regularly 

some are dropped, others are satisfied – those missing is just as much dreams waiting that “Le Drake Noir” push himself to get start trying.

Obviously new dreams will appears too, but 3 old old old dreams I haven’t finished yet.

  • learning play the saxophone
  • learn speaking italian or spanish
  • make love with a beautiful woman on the engine bonnet of my Jaguar E

We are talking about dreams that are over 30 years old
  embarrassing, very embarrassing
have previously written about it in danish, “let it be there“… ‘smile’