A ‘walkabout’ in Strasbourg

G 80

A quiet winter walk in the streets of Strasbourg, guess the snow is coming up soon

.The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
A kind of “walkabout” (known from Crocodile Dundee) in the streets of Strasbourg.

G 78

Bike park.

G 81

Many places in the world in the respective laws
it is stated that the royals are exempt from these laws.
A worldwide unwritten traffic rule is that cyclists can do as they pleases
also cycle against the direction of traffic as the lady in purple here.

Not the pure reason why I love biking..!

G 83

Perhaps a modern version of tools for conquering fortresses ..?
No merely equipment for a lighter renovation of architecture worthy of preservation.

G 82

It’s getting dark and the clouds (probably with snow) are seen not far away.