Street art along the road


Street art, an umbrella term which defining forms of visual art created in the “public room”
characterized by being nontraditional, unorthodox and perhaps provocative too
why not continue out along this road or “street”.

No rules proclaims that Street Art should be man-made and in fact the rule is no rules.



A kind of street art from the Pyrenees mountains, between Spain and France – seen 2013.

Those who take fun only for fun and earnestness only earnest
they have understood both equally poorly
(Piet Hein – brilliant danish multi-artist)


CBBH Photo Challenge the januar theme “Street Art
with inspiration from Marianne’s worth visiting blog “East of Málaga
as a extra part of this challenge includes to introduce 2 links
two bloggers of the large numbers of worth visiting WP’blogs.

Photos by Emilio”  –*–  ”Ryan Fitz Photos