Muddy race

The mud flies around the ears of all the observing people.
The cars are pretty dirty and look pretty ugly too.
This kind of motorsport is probably only for special enthusiasts.

Wine hill sprint

Turckheim lies west of Colmar, on the eastern slopes of the Vosges mountains.
Part of the famous alsatian wine route, with lots af calm traffic looking for adventure.
Few times of the year the traffic do changes being absolutly without any calm.
A racing event with several types of cars.

The event takes place in the countryside at a distance outside the village walls.
So the village streets, wine cellars and all the almost 4000 inhabitants are calm.


Smell of burnt rubber

The circuit Reims-Gueux was a Grand Prix motor racing road course
located in Gueux, west of Reims in the Champagne region – established in 1926.
The almost 8 km long circuit placed with start/finish line on public road.
The last year for Formula One at Reims came in 1966,
the final sports car competitions were held in 1969,
motorcycle racing continued for another 3 years.
In 1972, Reims-Gueux closed permanently due to financial difficulties.
In 1997 a historic race was cancelled for technical reasons.
So in 2002, the bulldozers arrived to demolish some portions of the track.
A few sections of the old buildings are still visible today around the pit lane.

The smell of burnt rubber almost gone.