Autumn rainfall

The French Vosges.
Spring usually produces lots of melting water from the snow.
This late autumn, rainfall has given rainwater in ample amounts.


Contagious smiles

R 44

Just another rainy day or what.?
What is most contagious a grumpy face or a smiling face probably equally.

What can give us a kick in the body part which is highest when we picking strawberries.?
No doubt a smile from a totally uknown person.

How do we most easily get a smile in passing.?
No doubt a smile to a totally uknown person.

This young smiling lady seems to know this.
A smile haven’t any age.

Saturday light fever

H 54

Looking through the window, down the street
it rains and the artificial light has taken over the dominance
zooming with the lens
something happens outside
life is still in motion, in spite of the lightend up darkness
should defy the weather – it is only falling water.