A long and wet road

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There are many types of roads, including other than asphalt or gravel roads
in the air there’re “imaginary air roads” between the various destinations, “air bridges”
the oceans have asphalt-free sea routes between destinations, with traffic rules too
in many countries there are alternative roads on land too –  which isn’t on railroad tracks. 

For example, so are many european rivers and tributaries along with digged channels
part of a very large european transport infrastructure for both pleasure and for cargo
of course, so is this kind of road known in the rest of the world too.

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Maybe most widely used in Europe but at same time most unknown among europeans
everyone know the history of all dutch channels, but it is much more common
belgian, german, polish, french, swiss, austrian, hungarian,
slovakian, czech, english, romanian, bulgarian, russian
and several other countries rivers and tributaries are part of that infrastructure.

Even the nordic vikings knew the possibilities and used them on their “business trips”

– for approximately 1000 years ago.

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All these photos are from “Canal des Vosges” in Alsace France.

There are no foreign lands – it is the traveler only who is foreign” 
(Robert Louis Stevenson – scottish writer)

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