Progress in the nightlife

The bartender is neither female nor male but an “it”, even it’s called “Walter”.
One “arm” fixes glass and ice.
The other “arm” mixes the ingredients.

Have only seen the demostration of the wonder machine, earlier this year.
Not seen it “live” in function at Bionic Bar in the Salamandre Nightclub in Strasbourg.
Created by Makr Shakr in italian Turin.

Some might miss the “My wife doesn’t understand me” opportunity talk with the robot.?

Let it snow

S 96

A french landscape of robots in the alsatian Vosges.
The season is right, the moment isn’t come yet.
The problem with robots is that they aren’t wiser
than those who create them – the main ingredient the snow still missing.

The Thursday’s Special from Paula, the theme this week “Robotic“.