Less colorless


Winter so we think it’s all about colourlessness, if it isn’t white.

Inspiration, fascination and.motivation only needs eyes and a silly brain.
The winter mood can be more than white up north.
A walk while visiting Samsø shortly for one and a half day.  .

A walk inspired from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.


Two grown up young ladies and their horse follow the coastline.


Foggy day, no more wondering where the fog comes from.?


The trees have got their “cut” for the new season.?


Unused old grain silo now retrained as mast for telly and phone signals, a great business.


Style ain’t about age.


Emptiness, sometimes a charm too.


Maybe closed, but seen close and closely so we talk inspiring fascination again.


Living on an edge


A small ferry ramp, waiting for connection.

Weekly photo challenge “Edge

People living on small islands have many physical edges in their environment.
The fact alone that there is water all the way round them.
It is often said that island people, figuratively,  are people with an “edge”.
It is basically not negative, it may well be positive too.