Morning has broken

Morning island mood in late march, it should be spring now.
The clear and cloud-free sky make mornings cool with little bit frost.
As the sun takes power through the day, so the “desert” mood disappears.

A fugitive crosses his tracks

Lonely hillside tree on tiny danish island of Samsø.

(the title is borrowed from a Aksel Sandemose book title)

Walk inspired by “Restlessjo” and her captivating “Monday walk” themes.

Straight coastlines, no the twisted are more exciting and longer too.

House for tourists, free to be alone – but on a tiny island people aren’t far away.

A cute little beach bird, maybe a beach boy too – don’t know.

Old equipment on a small former farm.

Field boulders used as base stones.

Ancient tomb place.

Even on a tiny island, neighbors can be on distance.

Old escape route

Escape route from the viking age on the tiny danish island of Samsø.
Vikings weren’t always popular in the surrounding area
– they didn’t always know the difference between “yours or mine”.
Sometimes or often they needed to hide from persecutors.
The island had a half-closed bay on the east side, where the viking castles lay.
Therefore, they dug a canal out to the west side of the island, about 100 meters.
Then they didn’t have to go all the way around the island to their hiding place
– when they came from the robberies from the west.
It wasn’t that deep so the boats had to be pulled through
– and couldn’t easily be seen from the sea.
Nowadays it is dry, but a sculpture illustrates their reality at that time.

Old fire solution

A piece of history in the village that has survived time
– not survived functionally but as a witness of the past.
From the time before automatic mechanics was invented.
It is an old common fire station containing a fire sprayer pushcart.
In the case of a fire, it was pulled to the place of action by 2-3 people.
There was an empty water tank and a mechanical pump on the tow truck.
The first had to be filled up manually, the second operated manually too.
At that time it was modern equipment, now only the building is left.