Conversation, with few words

(screenshot: from the movie “Paris, Je t’aime”) 


Conversation is the main cause of conflict
or maybe discussion
to often consists of monologues only.

often people isn’t talk “with” each other, but “to” each other
in English language there’s probably no difference
called both “talking to each other”
but there is a world of difference

the same can be said for listening
“I hear what you say” or “I know what you think”
we often hear or use – but is that really true
isn’t it often, instead what was believed that was said
or even not listening because we think we know what would be said
so we might as well focusing on what we would say ourselves afterwards

silence of the listener need not always mean attention
perhaps it’s to breathe
or to concentration, about what or how we will interrupt


It’s a shame
ability to find words is amazing
every language has great potential
and there are many wonderful language.

Just look at this statement:

the last 2 are first the chinese character and then next the message from the flowerbed 

It still go wrong
so the best is perhaps
either touching each other,
or say it with a photo.


Café a la 1962

From the time cafe’life was something you did at home

3 girlfriends meet for coffee and conversation

the photo is from April 1962

and the lady in the middle was my dear grandmother

their aim was conversation

not to be viewed

it was also the time the mobile phone wasn’t born

at that time, it wasn’t the surroundings
were forced to listen in on loud phone conversation
but the ladies at the manuel phone centers
who slipped to listen to the conversations on the phone lines