The real Santa

F 82

There are many intelligent discussions on many topics among us
often about things we do not know for sure, but most of us have an opinion

Like if God exists and if so is it a man or woman and what skin color.

Like if the devil exists if yes is it a grumpy old man overlooked or just a mother in law.

Like if Santa Claus exists if yes where he lives (never actually heard some put doubt
whether it is a man or not) – only doubt about where he lives
finns and greenlanders have a “war” going on, both people claiming he lives there
so much that they haven’t noticed that both canadians and russians both suggest
that Santa might actually live in their respective northern area.

A december sunday in the streets of the french Strasbourg, then I became much wiser
Santa Claus is a cute nice dog and very pleasant to talk to and lives in Alsace..