Underwater traffic

Don’t know if there are underwater traffic rules, not even at Cape Verde.
But sometimes it doesn’t make sense to insist on your right in traffic.
In a cityscape, no one insists on getting out in front of a bus either,
nor below sea level in front of a “bus” in the company of a bunch of little friends.
Not dangerous, only if not kept aside – a “step” aside.

The whale shark, it is the world’s largest fish.
As an adult, it usually measures about 10 meters,
but there are reports of 18 meter long whale sharks.
Largest recorded whale shark measured 12.65 meters and weighed 21.5 tonnes,
but it is believed that the whale shark can grow up to 20 meters long.
This fellow was maybe 7 meters and weight unknown.
The whale shark gives birth to live young in litters of 100-200 young.
At birth, the cubs measure 50-60 centimeters.