Modern traditions

Old traditions often continue despite more modern equipment.
Several places along the coast fishermen have pulled their boats up the shore,
instead of or in the absence of ports for many, many years.
In some places, now bulldozers are used to pull up the heavily loaded boats.
Before that, this has surely been much more difficult.

This was captured a couple of years ago on the North Sea coast of Jutland.

Exercise if

An eye-catching and probably also reassuring view when catch in sea problems.
This situation is more peaceful, after exercise then the lifeboat is on way to the base.

Speedy voyage

Speed gets another expression in twilight, at sea too.
Leaving the british island of Alderney almost like with the Devil in the heels.
However it wasn’t that bad, just heading directly to the french mainland.
Port de Dielette is waiting at the end of our speedy voyage.