Speedy walk on water


The inspiration comes from wonderful “Restlessjo” and her “Monday walk” themes.
We can’t walk on water, our feet are too small – so we have to sail.
Morning stroll from the tiny island until the second largest danish city,  Aarhus.
The sun is just about to rise, so the light is still a little dazed.

Ths shortcut boat is a small express two-hulls boat for 70-80 passengers only.





Arriving the city of Aarhus from the seaside early sunday morning.


This isn’t the boat, but a mega larger version of the same type – on its way away.
It sails between Aarhus and Odden, which is a shortcut to Copenhagen.

This huge fellow transports both cars, buses and lorries.


Aarhus seen from seaside.


Fishing people are early birds.


Buildings under construction.


Ships are very different, it can be difficult to find two alike.

Subdued heroes

V 80

Not an unusual sight along the coasts of UK and Ireland, especially in bad weather.
The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI), founded in 1824.
Queen Elizabeth II is patron of.the largest charity that saves lives at sea.
around the coasts of the UK and Ireland, as well as on some inland waterways.
Such as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are included too.

The RNLI is principally funded by legacies and donations,
with most lifeboat crew members being unpaid volunteers.

The Institution has saved about150,000 lives since its foundation.
At a cost of more than 600 lives lost in service.