That’s it

046 018

Sometimes the sea can be very simple, a sail boat and a seagull.


In the air

V 31

The shadow of a fisherman will always be hungry and noisy seagulls.

Impressive as the flying warriors mastered the “balance” in the air.

The worth visting Ailsa and her weekly challenge, this week challenge “Balance

V 30

The throne, a square lamp

G 79

Morning in Strasbourg, the sea gulls knew they had to be early if they wanted their places.

Sitting on a square lamp
Eying foolish fishermen at the river
With bad intent.
Snot running down the beak
Greasy shabby feathers smearing garbage dust
Drying in the cold sun
Watching without patience the untalented failure.
Feeling like a dead duck
Spitting out pieces of broken luck.
(some of it borrowed and the rest inspired all from the bandJethro Tull“)

Inspired from Paula’s Thursday’s Special this week “Knowing your place

Sea outing

P 082

Who really knew that seagulls could walk on water
I guess they can’t, even it seems like they can here.

P 083

Sweet waving mermaids or alluring sirens – seems like they have captured one shark
certainly dangerous for seamen, one can drown in pursuit of them
like these stories about feminine water spirits at the Lorelei on the river Rhine
they so much similar to mermaids – both Lorelei and Cuxhaven here are german area
really believes one have to be careful about german mermaids.

P 080

Sightseeing or maybe let’s call it sea outing.

Un-connected communities


Life in a harbor it is often very particular
and there are several communities that don’t necessarily work together

authorities including fisheries control
and seagulls.

Seagulls and harbors are as Laurel and Hardy inseparable
a harbor without seagulls is a dead port
seagulls may have a community
but they are also ruthless and dogged enemies on feeding options.

Seagulls has an “internal” alert system – what one seagull know, all seagulls know.



Weekly Photo Challenge: “Community“ – the 2nd version.