Our basically interest

U 25

A huge press conference with a celebrity.?

Has Paris Hilton got a new dog.?
Has Christiano Ronaldo got a new girlfriend.?
Has the french politician Nicolas Sarkozy received higher platform shoes.?
Has the british prince Charles filed for divorce from Camilla Parker.?
Has the danish queen Margrethe dropped her turkish cigarettes.?
Has russian Putin and american Kerry met over a conciliatory beer.?
Has Donald Trump fallen in love with an older divorced mexican woman.?

Not at all, this is much more interesting.

This is Louvre Museum in Paris and the all over star MonaLisa.

Weekly photo challenge “Season
Louvre in Paris have no season, oh yes the all year around season.

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U 20

Stood next to a german art student, she said with a smile and a twinkle in her eye:
“Leonardo da Vinci was fabulously brilliant, but the woman’s breasts, he lost sight of”

Whimsical had never had that thought, but she had a point this german girl.

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