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A car which has been in the blazing sun while you have been at work can be stressful.

A workplace can often save a lot of money in energy with solar installations.

A win-win situation ..?

Employees’ cars stand in the shade of the solar collectors.

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Lighting footprints


Liverpool by night

Shadows and silhouettes are always created by light
mixed with colors they create subjective signals in the dark.

Probably changes are shades in a new lighting.

An Irish friend saw the photo last night and unveiled the greenish glow
“We are so many irish people here in this city so it can be seen in the illumination”
Liverpool is also called the english gate to the green island of Ireland.

2nd version of the Weekly Photo Challenge  “Let there be light“.

The bedroom of the homeless


In some parts of the world, we see ourselves as role models for all the others
we want it very streamlined, but wherever there is a sun then there is shades too
thus this is actually the bedroom for a homeless if the weather allows
we have not seen the whole story of a city before we trudged through the nighttime.

In this “comfortable” part of the world there are many types of homelessness
some are pressured or pushed into it, others have chosen it themselves
if we sit down for a talk with a homeless person (it can be recommended)
then we must be prepared to hear some terrible stories too.

As everywhere else in societies, there are hierarchies here too
also when they are selecting the “private” precincts as “bedrooms”.


A sculpture of a homeless near the cathedral in swedish Linköping
artist of the sculpture unknown – do not know if it is still there.

Dawn as blue gold


Dawn in blue “golden” shades.

Rise, let us see you
dawning is the day
miss, misty meadow
you will find your way
Wake up in the morning to yourself and leave this crazy life behind you
Listen, we’re trying to find you
(songwriter: Justin Hayward from Moody Blues)

Inspiration from Daily Prompt “The golden Hour



A classic difference of architecture created by man and by nature
it is that you often have to to be closer to for enjoying the manmade architecture
although nature is hard to beat in the race for the detail art.
between the Liverpool Cathedral and the Irish Sea
there are plenty of eye-attractive architecture
but if we take the stairs up inside the tower of the cathedral
you lose that view, but finds another view
Look a like photos are often seen, because this view is used for postcards
the real architecture we have to see “in eye high” level.
Almost every city has an impressive façade, especially if there is a seaside
not many cities have a gate to the Strawberry Fields (forever)
all english cities have some typical english suburbs
all major cities have working class neighborhoods – often they are stored or forgotten
the cities that make it that way, they lose their seriousness or credibility
because it is part of the urban identity that all light has shadows
in Liverpool are neither light or shadows hidden.

To provide meaningful architecture is not to parody history, but to articulate it
(Daniel Libeskind – polish architect)

With the inspiration from Ailsa and her worth visting blog
Where’s my backpack?
this is my version of her travel theme this week “Architecture


Travel Theme Silhouette

Excellent inspiration from Ailsa’s blog “Where’s my backpack” and her travel theme Silhouette

A silly photo ‘shot’ not in fog, but in almost darkness
not enough light to show as planned
so “only” silhouettes are shown
a mix of not good enough camera
and to much amateur amateur-photographer.

Silhouettes opposite the shadows with content
not always recognizable
often fantasy inspiring.

As incarnated Alfred Hitchcock and Stephen King reader
so one wouldn’t be surprised if they stepped forward
from the shadows and became a sihouette

where the shadow is just a space possible with something inside
then silhouettes are that which are in the shades

just wonderful inspirring and so lovely scary too, isn’t it..?