Circles in the sand

Just south of the danish town Skagen in the most northern of Jutland.
There is plenty of heather and sand, the dunes are far from the world’s largest.
But the impression when you go there gives the feeling of far from civilization.
This civilation, Skagen, is only a couple of stone’s throw away.
The church was long back in the past one of Denmark’s largest.
Now only the tower visible, the rest is covered by sand.

*The main title is borrowed from a Belinda Carlisle song*

Zimmer frei

The coast in northernern Jutland, close to Skagen.
Some hardcore hikers spend the night in these abandoned bunkers from WW2.
It is just important to consider the tide, otherwise it may be a wet awakening.

Scaw mood

Harbor mood from Skagen, with lots of fishing equipment.
Skagen is the northernmost town on the danish peninsula Jutland.
Occasionally known in English as The Scaw.
Jutland called the danish mainland about 400 km long.
From the border with Germany in the south and headed towards Norway in the north.
Skagerak is the sea between Norway and Denmark,
A sea with huge traffic headed to coast cities at The Baltic Sea.
Skagen is Denmark’s main fishing port and also has a thriving tourist industry,
Do attracted some two million people annually.